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The purpose of the RCDL conference series is to stimulate evolution of the Russian digital libraries community and encourage research in this field. RCDL provides an open forum for exchange of experience, ideas and results as well as stimulates communication and co-operation between experts in the field.

Building and deployment of digital libraries require contribution from numerous scientific disciplines. Programmes of past RCDL conferences (1999 - St.Petersburg, 2000 - Protvino, 2001 - Petrazavodsk, 2002 - Dubna, 2003 - St.Petersburg, 2004 - Pushchino, 2005 - Yaroslavl, 2006 - Suzdal) covered variety of related topics.

Special attention is paid to the progress of digital libraries research and application projects funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and other programs.

Collocated workshops on related topics enrich the conference program even further. In particular, Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar (ROMIP) attracts leading Russian IR researchers.

We welcome contributions and participation from all interested in relevant aspects of digital libraries, including researchers, developers, practitioners, students, postgraduates, policy makers and users.

Participation is sought from all parts of the world to stimulate international collaboration in the digital library field.

A major Russian event in the digital libraries field, RCDL is attracting increased attention from foreign participants and helps to improve international collaboration. English is the second official language of the conference and most of Russian participants are able to speak English, providing a foundation for efficient communication.

In addition to the printed version of conference proceedings, all accepted articles and posters are published on the conference Web site.

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