Digital libraries: advanced methods and technologies, digital collections
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Relevant topics

The conference topics include but are not limited to:
  • Models and standards for information and metainformation representation (including thesauri and ontologies) in DL.
  • Methods and tools for data discovery, extraction analysis and retrieval in DL (including audio-visual and mixed data).
  • Access to distributed and heterogeneous digital collections: interoperability, scalability, relevant information discovery, and metainformation integration.
  • DL architectures. Mobile computing and agents related to digital libraries.
  • Human aspects of DL (interaction with and collaboration in DL, personalization, data visualization (rendering) and analysis of data, intellectual property, user communities).
  • DL and changes in the information consumption processes.
  • Multilingual data access and multilingual data service.
  • DL, DL prototypes and digital collections for science, education, culture, health care and management. Deployment and promotion of digital libraries.
  • Digital collections in traditional libraries, museums, archives, information centers.
  • Advanced technologies of digital collection building, storage and system maintenance.
  • Evaluation: metrics, testbeds, results.
  • Digital collection cataloging, indexing, annotating, recommendation, maintenance of integrity and consistency.
  • DL security and information protection.
  • Grid technologies and digital libraries, data grid.
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