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October, 15

9.00 (Hall C) Arrival and registration

14.00 (Hall A) Conference Opening

15.00 (Hall C) Coffee-Break

15.15 (Hall A: RCDL Tutorials)

17.15 (Hall C) Bus to the hotel

17.30 (Hall A: RCDL Tutorials)

October, 16

9.30 (Hall A: Scientific Digital Libraries)
Scientometrics and Evaluation of Innovation Potential Chair: B. Dobroff

11.00 (Hall C) Posters with Coffee

11.25 (Hall A: Scientific Digital Libraries)
Access Techniques to Digital Collections Chair: O. Zhizhimov

12.45 (Hall B) LUNCH

13.45 (Hall A: Scientific Digital Libraries)
Historical Digital Libraries Chair: D. Paley

13.45 (Top floor: Information Retrieval)
Clustering and Near-Duplicate Detection Chair: P. Braslavsky

15.05 (Hall C) Posters with Coffee

15.30 (Hall A: Scientific Digital Libraries)
Virtual Observatories Chair: M. Kogalovsky

15.30 (Top floor: Information Retrieval)
Dictionaries and Thesaurus for Digital Libraries Chair: S. Znamenskij

17.00 (Hall C) åxcursion

19.00 ("Navigator") Conference Dinner

October, 17

9.30 (Hall A: Ontologies, Data Representation)
Digital Libraires for Earth Sciences Chair: A. Avramenko

9.30 (Top floor: Information Retrieval)
News Summarization Chair: A. Antonov

10.40 (Hall A: Ontologies, Data Representation)
Technologies for Social-Economic Monitoring Chair: A. Avramenko

10.40 (Top floor: Information Retrieval)
Document Stream Analysis Chair: A. Antonov

11.20 (Hall C) Coffee-Break

11.35 (Hall A: Ontologies, Data Representation)
Ontologies in Digital Libraries Chair: B. Dobroff

11.35 (Top floor: Russian seminar "Internet-mathematics")

13.05 (Hall B) LUNCH

14.05 (Hall A: Ontologies, Data Representation)
Concepts Descriptions and Refinements in Ontologies Chair: O. Lavrenova

14.05 (Top floor: Russian seminar "Internet-mathematics")

14.55 (Hall A: Ontologies, Data Representation)
Manuscripts Digital Libraries Chair: O. Lavrenova

14.55 (Top floor: Russian seminar "Internet-mathematics")

15.45 (Hall C) Coffee-Break

16.00 (Hall A: Ontologies, Data Representation)
Tools for Digital Libraries Chair: A. Marchuk

16.00 (Top floor: Russian seminar "Internet-mathematics")

17.30 (Hall B) RCDL Steering Committee Meeting - invitation only

October, 18

9.30 (Hall A: Integration problems)
Access Control and Exceptions Chair: S. Znamenskij

9.30 (Top floor: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar)

10.50 (Hall C) Coffee-Break

11.05 (Hall A: Integration problems)
Geterogeneous Collections Integration Chair: L. Kalinichenko

11.05 (Top floor: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar)

12.25 (Hall B) LUNCH

13.25 (Hall A: Integration problems)
Technologies for Information Resources Integration Chair: M. Kogalovsky

13.25 (Top floor: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar)

14.55 (Hall C) Closing of the Conference RCDL2007

15.10 ("Pereslavl" hotel) Buses to Moscow

Overview RCDL 2007 Program Details Print version